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Weekend Posts Generate More Attention
How many of us work on the weekend, even if it's just for a couple of hours? Most business owners dedicate time on the weekend to catch up on the things it is easier to do without the distraction phones, meetings and people in the office demanding attention.
A common weekend task is catching up on emails and things set aside to read up on including industry news.
News comes in two forms;

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Old School newspapers and magazines, now online and Social Media, ie: Blogs, Linkedin, Facebook... History tells us readers are moving from traditional media to online publications, as evidenced by the demise of newspapers across the country. (Do you remember as a kid waking up to the smell of coffee and the sound of the newspaper hitting the door on Sunday mornings?)
With this in mind, Saturday might a great time to post your information to garner the greatest audience. I say might because if you are trying to reach stay-home-moms of school age children; naptimes during the week would make more sense in my opinion. For the sake of this post we are speaking of reaching small to medium sized businesses owners.

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Ok, so your sold on Saturday. Now, what time of day are blogs most likely to be read and then shared? Remember the early bird gets the worm. So get up, get your coffee and get creative because studies show that the majority of reading is being done in the morning. If you think about it logically, it makes sense doesn't it? Saturday afternoons are generally filled with family activities, and other personal obligations. The other reason posting in the morning makes sense is because, according to a study done by Dan Zarilla, articles published in the morning, around 9am. EST, tended to be shared more on Facebook than articles published at other times of the day.

I Posted My Blog, Now What?
 It depends on your goals for your blog. Are you posting for a single event? a specific group, or are you looking to become a professional blogger? I will give you a hint; professional blogging requires publishing to a variety of sites, Tweeting and Retweeting, linking to other blogs... But, that discussion will have to wait, it's Saturday and time to walk the dog.
Enjoy your weekend.

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