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Thoughts on the Great North West

'From Earth to Paridise...'
Silicon Valley
When I moved here over a dozen years ago I was fleeing Silicon Valley. I didn't know then that I was going to be changing my entire outlook on life. In Silicon Valley I paid $1,800 a month rent for a 4 bedroom house; no garage. I was thrilled to be there because others couldn't even find a place to sleep at any price. This was pre-internet crash. I was working 4 jobs and struggling to support 2 teenagers. It's hard to be a good mom when you are working so much.
Hiking Above Portland
Then I moved up here. My world changed and even though it was hard to adjust and I missed my friends here were my first impressions:
-I came to a 4-way stop and the other drivers all made eye-contact.
-I waited in line at Fred Meyers while the Cashier and person in front of me discussed migraine solutions. I was freaking out until I realized I had no where to go. 
-When the sun shined..everyone put the tops down on their convertibles. No one does this in Silicon Valley-no time and no appreciation.
-People run, and hike, and camp, and fish, and boat, and take every advantage of the Northwests great outdoors.
Fred Meyers, Tualatin Or.
-Overtime is a 'sometime' not 'all-the-time' condition.

I still go back to visit, but not for long. I miss the quality of life I have learned to cherish up here. It's ok to let the Californian's come and visit..don't worry they will go home. They don't understand what it means to "Keep Oregon Weird" and that's fine by me.