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New Timelines For Business Pages

Facebook Re-invented ...again
The latest addition end users will see is a numeric rating summing up the stars previously used to rate a local business. NOTE: This only applies to busiensses with a local address.

Facebook has been working on the layout for business page timelines

A timelime's right-side column will now display all of a Page's posts consistently on the Page and in the News Feed. 
The left-side column will have the kind of information you might expect to find on an About Us Page of a website.
Depending on the type of business there will be a few differences in the information offered. Local businesses will have contact information listed and a map.
Page Admins will have the ability to rearrange the order of this information although this will roll out at a later date.

Below is the information that will be included on all company pages

Local and Online Businesses will show:
  • Likes
  • Information about your business
  • Apps (if relevant)
  • Photos, videos
  • Posts to Page
  • Pages your Page likes
Local businesses will show:
  • A map
  • Phone number
  • Hours of business

Tech~Editz Points To Ponder: 
Facebook is investing in building technologies to deliver new types of connectivity on the ground, in the air and in space.  Yesterday, Facebook announced its Connectivity Lab is working to connect the world from the sky with drones, satellites and lasers.

Much of this information was pulled from the following article: