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Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Your Social Media Campaign Successful?

How can you tell if your social media efforts are paying off?

Have you been posting regularly with a mixture of content to appeal to your fan base? Are you watching your insights to understand the best day of the week and time of the day to post for maximum exposure?
Do you keep current on the latest trends and social media techniques? In short you are doing everything just right and still at the end of the day you wonder if your efforts are paying off.

The first thing to do before trying to answer that question is to establish what your goals are for the campaign. Is it tied to a corporate marketing objective?  Do you hope to grow your customer base through social media engagement? Or is it a sales tool to announce new products and offer specials? Maybe your goal is to re-brand your company using educational blogging and live video chats using customer interaction as your gauge to success? Do these goals sound familiar? They should, social media is just another quiver in your marketing arsenal, another avenue to help you meet your marketing objectives as outlined in your corporate business plan. No business plan? That would be another discussion.

For those of you looking for a quick rule of thumb, the chart below gives you an idea on how you stack up against other current social media campaigns. 
I hope this was helpful. If you would like to learn how a social media campaign could help you feel free to give me a call or email. There is also lot of really great information out there if you would like to investigate for yourself or read some of our past blogs.

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Timelines For Business Pages

Facebook Re-invented ...again
The latest addition end users will see is a numeric rating summing up the stars previously used to rate a local business. NOTE: This only applies to busiensses with a local address.

Facebook has been working on the layout for business page timelines

A timelime's right-side column will now display all of a Page's posts consistently on the Page and in the News Feed. 
The left-side column will have the kind of information you might expect to find on an About Us Page of a website.
Depending on the type of business there will be a few differences in the information offered. Local businesses will have contact information listed and a map.
Page Admins will have the ability to rearrange the order of this information although this will roll out at a later date.

Below is the information that will be included on all company pages

Local and Online Businesses will show:
  • Likes
  • Information about your business
  • Apps (if relevant)
  • Photos, videos
  • Posts to Page
  • Pages your Page likes
Local businesses will show:
  • A map
  • Phone number
  • Hours of business

Tech~Editz Points To Ponder: 
Facebook is investing in building technologies to deliver new types of connectivity on the ground, in the air and in space.  Yesterday, Facebook announced its Connectivity Lab is working to connect the world from the sky with drones, satellites and lasers.

Much of this information was pulled from the following article:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Area Floors Joins Axiom Luxury Homes

2013 Parade of Homes

Area Floors is partnering with Axiom Luxury Homes again this year for the Clark County Parade Of Homes. The homes will be open from July 12th through 28th in the the Felida area of Vancouver. The homes are open daily from 10am to 7pm.

Design Highlights

“It’s an honor to be able to collaborate with Oregon Tile and Marble and our other suppliers to help provide innovative design solutions for this stunning Axiom home. ” ~Brandy Marsh, Owner Area Floors
In case you were worried that the furnace was the highlight of the tour let me share some of the other custom design elements our suppliers have brought into this never-wanna-leave home show. The architectural details of this home are offset by the balance of color and textures found throughout this home. Immediately upon entering the front door your senses are engaged.
Cronin Wood: The dark satin sheen finish of Cronin Wood’s handscraped solid maple hardwood flooring offers a rustic, aged beauty that starkly accentuates the whitewashed wood work and elegant design features. This elegant flooring with its vivid texture is as durable as it is eco-friendly.
Caress by Shaw: Inspired by the natural colors of the outdoors, the softness and warmsophistication of the Caress carpet directly contrasts the gleaming artisan hardwoods. Produced using the softest natural fibers in the world and crafted with the anso yarn system this is undeniably the softest carpeting in the world. Caress is the perfect carpet selection for this green home given Shaw Floors use of recycled materials that are engineered to be recycled and the Anso® nylon contains post- consumer carpet and has cradle-to-cradle certification. This Made In America flooring company added a patented R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance System making this carpet perfect for busy pet-loving families.
Oregon Tile and Marble: Carrara Marble: Always timeless and classy, the much loved natural stone Carrara Marble is given a more edgy and modern feel by creating unexpected shapes and patterns. The Nantucket has used Oregon Tile and Marble’s 2×2
hexagon Carrara marble for the backsplash in the kitchen creating a unique design element breaking up the smooth texture of the marble countertops and the clean lines of the traditional Hayes Cabinets.
Pental: Carrara Marble: Bullet Mosaic Honed White Carrara marble is another modern twist of the timeless, elegant Carrera marble slab. In the Nantucket this pattern has been used as a design element on the fireplace adding depth and acting as a frame for the opening of the fireplace. The soft veins running through the carrera marble further fragmented by the bullet mosaic creates a stunning centerpiece without the accompaniment of color or other ornament.
S’Tile of Portland: Like its namesake Silk porcelain tile is crafted from 100% natural product. Long known for its understated elegance silk is a strong scratchproof surface, both non-porous and highly durable. This tile can be found in the Laundry Room confirming Axiom’s commitment to go above and beyond in all aspects of the home building process. Axiom Homes has taken every detail into consideration leaving no doubt that this is a Luxury home. Silk porcelain tile can only be created by skilled master artists using the newest digital technology available to create this glazed porcelain tile with its varied nuances and unique details.
United Tile – Urban Concrete: Distinctive shading creates a contemporary appearance that concrete aspires to achieve. The colored body makes it a material ideally suited for applications where the edge detail is an important consideration. The large sized tiles create a smooth clean line. found in the children’s bathroom this is an ideal location for this low maintenance material.
Modern Surfaces: The backsplash in this ultra modern bathroom is of mixed glass linear mosaics from the New York series. Adding texture and simple sophistication this breaking glass line has high quality painted back glass mosaics, cut into various sizes. This series with its beautiful new designer colors contrasts in texture and pattern to the sleek shower walls resulting in an elegant translucent contemporary look.
Axiom Luxury Homes – The Nantucket: Highlighting the best in custom design, energy efficiency and creative use of space this home is a marvel of clean lines, elegant sophistication and latest design trends and features. Axiom is a local developer with impeccable designs and a meticulous eye for detail. their designs combine luxury living with functionality and sustainability.
Area Floors: Portland flooring store locally owned for over 40 years. Experts in flooring consultation and home remodeling we can help you find the right carpeting, hardwood flooring,marble tile, vinyl, laminate or other surfacing material at wholesale prices. We carry many different Eco friendly coverings including bamboo flooring, cork flooring and Shaw Anso nylon carpet and countertops of 99% recycled glass as well as many more sustainable product offerings. From the ground up or one room at a time we are here to help you go beyond the surface.
The 2013 Parade of Homes: Sponsored by The Building Industry Association of Clark County will take place from July 12th through 28th in the the Felida area of Vancouver . The homes are open daily from 10 am to 7 pm and tickets can be purchased online. There are also coupons available for some of the Parade events by following the link below.

2013 Parade of Homes