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Walk On By

Today I sat looking out the front window soaking up the warm rays of sunlight and thinking I should water the grass.

I was pulled from my daydreaming by the appearance of a tall, gaunt young man striding into view. His long legs carried him purposely forward while his straight, tangled black hair bounced up and down on the back of his over-sized green parka which swung out behind him. I half-watched as this twenty-something-year-old stranger passed by my house. The boy appeared in deep thought and I doubt he would have seen someone even if they were right in front of him. I continued watching him go by as I tried to remember being that full of purpose.

Suddenly, I was wrenched from my silent musings by a loud sob of such heart-breaking agony it took my breathe away. As tears sprung to my eyes, I realized it was the young man that had cried out shattering the tranquility of the quiet afternoon. He never faltered in his step but continued plodding on no longer purposeful but solitary. He stumbled and I could feel his loneliness and absolute surrender to his pain. Now past the house and almost out of sight I heard him cry out again in pain and misery that is heard only when all hope is lost and there is no one and nothing left to hold onto.

I pray for you young man with the long dark hair and too big jacket. Wherever you are tonight I pray you find your purpose again and that you will know love and joy someday soon in your life.

Merciful God,
I offer prayers for those who are wanting. Those with broken hearts and broken lives. Bless them with healing. Change their circumstances. Cause peace and prosperity to come to them in abundance. I, who have plenty, pray that I may share the richness of my soul, even as I share my resources.   


Proof that singing is good for you...Mind, Soul and Body!

Unexpected benefits of music for your body

Popular wisdom teaches us that music is good for your soul, but it can also help you in many other surprising ways. Listening, and all the more practicing music, are supposed to have immediate benefits on your body. All good reasons to have a field day and add singing to your list of resolutions for 2015.

Group singing influences your heart
A study carried out by researchers at the University of Gothenburg revealed that members of the same choir have a natural tendency to synchronize their heartbeat when singing together, which creates a calm atmosphere similar to Yoga (which also requires breath control). Furthermore, the USA is seeing a new activity emerging (born in Los Angeles) called Vocal Yoga.

Music improves your sleep
A study by the National Library of Medicine outlines the fact that Classical Music is good for your sleep. If not for helping to fall asleep, it also improves the quality of sleep with its powerful ability to calm, thus reducing nervous activity and helping you to sleep better.

Singing makes you look good
No magic potion here, it's all about your posture. When singing, your body has a natural tendency to straighten up to create the air column, and you quickly look more confident.

Music reduces stress
It's not a surprise, Music helps reduce stress levels. It stimulates your body's stress reducers and is supposed to have the same effects as a massage.

Furthermore, slow and smooth music can change how fast your brain creates new connections, bringing the person close to a meditation or hypnotic state. Indeed, this can be very useful for people suffering from behavioral issues.

Recover from a cold with some singing When singing, you force your sinuses, those small respiratory channels in your nose, to open up, as well as your respiratory tract. The result is breathing easy and feeling better!

Music increases your brain's abilities
Upbeat tempo helps in preparing for an important competition by reducing the level of stress, and therefore increasing the overall performance.

In addition, listening to music when working on a task that requires a lot of focus can help you increase your performance. Research published in Psychology Today has outlined the benefits of music on cognitive abilities, which are used when working on activities that require a lot of thinking.

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Happy Birthday Kristine Partal

Happy Birthday Kristine,

I hope it is everything you want it to be.
I have loved you from the day I first heard your name all those many years ago when Ricky was hiding at your house.  I know people have compared you to Ashley and this is true. Yet I see something else in you as well.  As I have watched you grow up I see many similarities to Ricky's Grandma Angie. These characteristics can not be learned or copied, they are not installed by a parent, found in old souls or passed on to  those born of privilege.
Family came first, all of them. She, like you was a caregiver and took care of her parents, brothers, neighbors and even her son’s new girlfriend. She never judged or held a grudge. She was an absolute lady from head to toe with a backbone easily strong enough to carry the responsibilities of her entire extended family.   I loved her, admired her and miss her everyday. I try very hard to live my life as she would have wanted me to.
She would have loved to have met you, and you her. You are an amazing women and I am admire your convictions and grace under pressure. I know she would be happy that you and Ricky are following your own paths and dreams.
They say there is only one other person that can love a son as his mother does and it's true. I can see your love for him and his for you and I look forward to celebrating many happy birthday's with you.   All my love,


PS: I hope you take some time for you today. I wanted to share what I started for your wedding blog with you and this seemed like a good time.